Bicycle Accessories and Tools by Muc-Off


If you intend to hit the mountains, trails, or skate parks, Muc-Off is your destination. The brand offers high-quality products for every rider, and racer, dedicated to creating innovative care and performance products to keep your gear running smoothly and looking fresh.


Muc-Off is the go-to platform for every rider, making paths easy and smooth whether on a mountain, trail or at the skate park. Top riders and racers, from EF Pro Cycling to Scott Redding, trust Muc-Off. The brand is dedicated to creating the most innovative care and performance products, ensuring your gear runs smoothly and looks new. From manufacturing the world’s first twin-crown bicycle fork to a signature pink spray for cleaning, Muc-Off supports a host of elite athletes and teams. The product lineup includes a fantastic range of lubricants, sprays, apparel, and antibacterial products. Here are some of the bicycle accessories and tools offered by the brand.


Check out the range of bicycle products below:  

Explore Bicycle Accessories and Tools from Muc-Off

Explore bicycle accessories and tools by Muc-Off, and go to find your destination with ease and comfort, to get your ride running efficiently and squeak-free.

Explorer Bar Bag

The Explorer Bar Bag is perfect for cyclists of all types, offering a safe and secure place to store your essentials in any weather. Whether you are commuting, exploring on the weekends, or embarking on a long bike-packing trip, this lightweight bag ensures a hassle-free experience. Attaching to your handlebars in seconds without needing any mounts or bolts, the bag has a 2.4-litre capacity, so you can bring everything you need. Made from high-quality, water-resistant 600D Polyester with a TPU coating, it keeps your items dry and secure. 


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Features include a water-resistant zip, adjustable straps for easy attachment, an inner mesh net, a zipped pocket, elasticated front bungee cords, and reflective graphics for added safety. The package includes foam spacers, a shoulder strap, and molle clips for attaching additional gear. Available in black color with the dimensions of 240 x 100mm and 160g of weight.  


To experience the ultimate convenience and reliability on every adventure, buy Explorer Bar Bag for just $60.00.

AirMach Mini Pump

The AirMach Mini Pump is small but powerful, making it the perfect tool to quickly get you back on the road or trail. Its compact design and high performance make it an essential companion for any cyclist, fitting easily into your pocket or bike pack. Crafted from durable machined aluminum, the pump features a precision piston and a reversible valve head compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves. 


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With a maximum pressure of 110 PSI, a length of 155.4mm, and a weight of just 78g, it efficiently inflates tires. The pump includes a flexible hose and a mounting holster that fits under your bottle cage, and it comes in fully recyclable packaging. CNC machined, reversible screw-on valve head plays nicely with both Presta and Schrader valves.


Buy AirMach Mini Pump, which comes with a compact design and offers durable 6063 aluminum construction, for just $40.

17 in 1 Multi Tool

The 17 in 1 Multi Tool is a must-have for cyclists, featuring lightweight aluminum sidebars and durable CRV steel tool bits. It includes essential tools like hex wrenches, screwdrivers, spoke wrenches, Torx, and a chain tool, allowing you to make quick and easy bike repairs wherever you are. This compact and versatile tool ensures you are always prepared for unexpected fixes on the road or trails. 


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Designed to fit easily into your pocket, saddlebag, or Essentials case, the 17 in 1 Multi Tool is perfect for road, mountain, and commuter bikes. Its sturdy construction can handle tough conditions, and the slim design allows for easy use in tight spaces. Weighing only 112g and measuring 75 x 43 x 10mm.


Buy 17 in 1 Multi Tool, which is a reliable companion for any cycling adventure, for just $25.00.

Crank Preload Ring

The Crank Preload Ring is a highly durable, precision CNC-machined 7075 aluminum accessory designed to adjust the preload tension on bottom bracket bearings. This adjustment eliminates side-to-side play and slack in thru-spindle bottom brackets, extending the life of the bearings and ensuring a smooth, creak-free ride. 


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Easy to install on the left crank arm of mountain, gravel, or road bikes with SRAM, RaceFace, Easton 30mm spindle cranks, or SRAM DUB 28.99mm spindles, this preload ring includes stainless steel hardware and comes in 12 anodized colors. It combines functionality with style, making it a valuable addition to your bike maintenance toolkit.


To get an easy and convenient tool for your bike maintenance, buy Crank Preload Ring for just $39.99.

Disc Brake Cover - Camo

The Disc Brake Covers in camo are perfect for keeping your bike’s disc brakes clean during maintenance. Designed to fit all road and mountain bike rotors, the covers are made from breathable neoprene and are easy to clean, just rinse and reuse. Simply attach them before spraying your drivetrain, suspension, or wheels to prevent contamination from overspray. 


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Feature a user-friendly velcro fastening and a stylish printed design, making them both practical and cool. Comes to protect your brakes from corrosion and loss of braking power due to lube or protectant overspray. 


Important note: Please note, that they are not intended for use when transporting your bike outside a vehicle. 


To get a must-have for any bike enthusiast, buy Disc Brake Cover - Camo for just $39.9.


These were the bicycle accessories and tools by Muc-Off, each product comes to give you ease and convenience to find your destination. The brand is the platform for insights into the best bicycle accessories and tools. With the range of products offered by the brand, you can ensure your ride is always efficient, smooth, and ready for any adventure. Explore the featured items and gear up with the best in cycling care and performance.


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