Ride Pack Bundles of Muc-Off


Muc-Off Offers ride packs that are essential for facing the toughest riding environments, providing secure storage and comfort for your gear. These top-notch ride pack bundles are meticulously crafted to meet the needs of serious riders.


When it comes to riding toward facing the toughest environment, ride packs are essential, because they securely hold your gear, keeping essentials accessible and protected from harsh weather. They are designed for durability, ensuring your items stay safe during rough rides. They don't only provide comfort and convenience but also allow you to focus on the trail ahead. Muc-off offers the ultimate backpack especially designed and built to serve you in the toughest riding environments. These ride packs are made from high-quality material, resulting from hundreds of hours of rider input, testing, and R&D work to ensure your life is on the move. With multiple compartments and adjustable straps, they offer easy organization and a customized fit.


Here we have mentioned the Muc-off’s ride pack bundles.

Discover Muc-Off’s Ride Pack Bundles 

Discover the ride pack bundles offered by Muc-off, built to withstand the rigors of demanding terrains, making them a vital accessory for any serious rider.

Ride Pack + D30 Back Protector

The Muc-Off Ride Pack + D30 Back Protector is the ultimate backpack for the toughest riding environments. Designed with input from riders and extensive testing, it offers durability, functionality, and comfort. Features a modular design that accommodates a D30 back protector and hydration system, expanding its versatility. The military 'Molle' attachment system allows quick additions of other packs, and the roll-top design maximizes the 20L storage without adding bulk. The Climate Control cooling system ensures airflow to critical contact points, keeping you cool and comfortable.


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Here are the key features of this pack:


  • Comes with 900D Cordura.

  • Offers modular design.

  • Comes with DWR coating.

  • Allows roll-top expandable storage.

  • Built for easy access front zipped storage.

  • Constructed with reflective rain cover, waterproof.

  • Offers padded waist protection.

  • Made with adjustable & removable hip straps.

  • Offers elasticated bungee straps for additional storage.

  • Engineered with climate control air system.

  • Insulated hydration compartment (up to 3L). 

  • Microfibre-lined tech pockets. 

  • Offers Side key/money pockets.


Buy Ride Pack + D30 Back Protector, built to handle anything you throw at it, priced at $210.00.

Ride Pack + Essentials Pack

The Muc-Off Ride Pack + Essentials Pack is the ultimate backpack for active lifestyles, built to withstand the toughest riding environments. Crafted with rider input and extensive testing, this pack ensures durability, functionality, and comfort. Its modular design easily integrates a D30® back protector and hydration system. The military 'Molle' attachment system lets you quickly add other packs to expand storage. The roll-top design maximizes the 20L capacity without adding bulk, and the Climate Control cooling system provides airflow to key contact points, keeping you cool and comfortable. D30 Back Protector is not included in this bundle.


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Below are more features of this pack:


  • Made from 50% nylon and 50% of polyester.

  • Offers adjustable & removable hip straps.

  • Offers 900D Cordura and modular design.

  • Built with military ‘Molle’ attachment system.  

  • Offers DWR coating and roll-top expandable storage.

  • Comes with a hiplok FLX slot,

  • Comes with elasticated bungee straps for additional storage.

  • Offers ventilated shoulder straps with hydration clip.

  • Built with adjustable chest straps.

  • Allows padded waist protection.

  • Constructed with 1.5kg of weight.


Buy Ride Pack + Essentials Pack, designed and built to serve you in the toughest riding environments, priced at $220.00.

Essentials Pack - Black/Camo

The Essentials Pack - Black/Camo is a versatile and durable accessory designed for long rides. Crafted from 900D Cordura for exceptional toughness, this military-inspired pack is built to withstand the harshest environments. Its weatherproof construction and impact foam ensure your phone and essentials are protected from heavy impacts, while elasticated straps prevent rattling. This pack includes a Cordura pouch for loose change and can also hold charging cables and mobile tech when off the bike. Easily attach it to the Muc-Off Ride Pack using the military-grade Molle system and get ease and convenience for any adventure.


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The following are more features of this essential pack:


  • Comes with a 600D rainproof poly front.

  • Modular system compatible.

  • Constructed with molle straps.

  • Offers EVA foam protection pad.

  • Engineered with Cordura Coin pouch. 

  • Comes with elasticated accessory straps.

  • Offers pen holder and internal pouches.

  • Availability of patch attachment.


To get a perfect companion for any adventure, buy Essentials Pack - Black/Camo priced at $45.00.


These were the Ride Pack Bundles of Muc-Off, these gear bundles for riders seeking durability and performance. Whether you are hitting rugged trails or cruising through the city, these packs are engineered to handle anything you throw at them. Upgrade your cycling experience with Muc-Off's ride pack bundles and conquer any terrain with confidence.


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