Enhance Your Productivity with the Secretlab Magnus Pro


The Secretlab Magnus Pro Desk stands out as a revolutionary solution. Combining superior ergonomics with state-of-the-art features, this desk is crafted to boost both comfort and productivity, making it a must-have for gamers, creators, and professionals alike.


An exceptional gaming desk is more than just a surface for your equipment, it’s a powerhouse of ergonomics and functionality designed to enhance both comfort and performance. With features like adjustable height and ample surface area, the ideal gaming desk ensures all your gear is within reach and neatly organized. For gamers, creators, and hybrid workers, a well-designed desk transforms any space into an efficient and professional environment.


Secretlab is globally recognized for producing some of the finest ergonomic chairs and desks. Collaborating with experts in ergonomics and physical therapy, Secretlab crafts products that promote movement and support a healthier lifestyle. The brand’s commitment to quality has earned them the trust of gamers, creators, and professionals worldwide.


Why Choose Magnus Pro Desks


Choosing the Secretlab Magnus Pro Desk is a smart investment in your workspace. Its thoughtful design and attention to detail make it a standout option for anyone looking to enhance their productivity and comfort. Whether you`re a gamer, creator, or professional, this desk provides the perfect blend of style and functionality. It integrates into any environment, helping you stay organized and focused. The Magnus Pro is built to last, ensuring you have a reliable and adaptable workspace for years to come.


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Features of Magnus Pro Desks

  • Power your desk and all electronic devices with a single electrical cable, ensuring a clean, tangle-free workspace at any height.


  • A custom-engineered range of accessories made exclusively for the MAGNUS Pro, ensuring full compatibility and an organized setup.


  • Provides instant desktop interchangeability and endless personalization with a simple roll and snap, making your workspace uniquely yours.


  • A built-in tray spans the entire desk length, hiding and organizing cables for a tidy workspace.


  • Integrated into the desk edge, this panel allows easy height adjustments without restricting chair movement.

Specifications of Magnus Pro and Magnus Pro XL

The Secretlab MAGNUS Pro Desk series offers unparalleled space and flexibility with two sizes to fit various needs. Designed for gamers and professionals, these desks provide a wider and deeper workspace, ensuring ample room for all your gear. The MAGNUS Pro XL is 18% larger than the standard version, maximizing your usable desktop area with a comprehensive cable management system.

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro

  • Desk Length: 59.1”  

  • Desk Depth: 27.6”  

  • Height Adjustment: 25.6” - 49.2”  

  • Max Weight: 265lb  

  • Weight: 125lb  

  • Warranty: 5 Years

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL

  • Desk Length: 70.0”  

  • Desk Depth: 31.5”  

  • Height Adjustment: 25.6” - 49.2”  

  • Max Weight: 265lb  

  • Weight: 150lb  

  • Warranty: 5 Years


The Secretlab MAGNUS Pro Desk offers unmatched ergonomics, superior cable management, and expansive desktop space, making it a top choice for enhancing productivity and gaming setups. Experience the difference with a desk that combines innovation, style, and practicality. Upgrade your setup today with the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro Desk and enjoy a workspace that truly meets your needs.


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