Top 5 Mascaras You Need From Sephora: Bestsellers Revealed


Dive into the world of lash magic with our ultimate guide to the top 5 mascaras from Sephora that promise to elevate your blink to the realm of the extraordinary.


In the grand scheme of beauty, finding the right mascara is like discovering a soulmate in a sea of fish, challenging yet utterly rewarding. It’s a mix of trial and error, where we all seek that perfect partner, a mascara that doesn’t leave us with raccoon eyes by midday or flake away like our patience on a bad day. But, when the quest involves not just any mascara, but one that promises a grand lift-off for your lashes without the dreaded flake-out, the plot thickens. Enters Sephora, the beauty haven that’s practically a matchmaker in the world of mascaras, offering an arsenal of options to meet, greet, and fall in love with.

With an eye (pun intended) for the spectacular, we have delved deep into the treasure trove of Sephora to bring you the crème de la crème of lash enhancers. So, without further ado, let’s flutter into our meticulously curated list.

5 Best-Selling Mascaras from Sephora That Don`t Flake or Disappoint

Before we dive lash-first into our top picks, let`s talk criteria. The mascaras making our list aren`t just any mascaras. They`ve been put through the wringer, worn by beauty aficionados through tears, laughter, and the unpredictable weather of life. These champions boast formulas that lift, lengthen, and volumize, all while standing firm against the nemesis of beauty enthusiasts everywhere, the dreaded flake. Ready to meet your mascara match? Here we go.

  1. Limitless Lash Lengthening Clean Mascara

Dive into the mascara revolution with the Limitless Lash Lengthening Clean Mascara, a treasure with over 382.7k favorites on Sephora. Buy it for only $28.00 (hello, free shipping!), this award-winning gem from Allure Best of Beauty 2019 is your ticket to lengthened, lifted, and beautifully separated lashes, all without a flake in sight.

What sets it apart? It`s not just its performance. This mascara is cruelty-free, gluten-free, perfect for those marathon days, and comes with a conscience, its packaging champions sustainability. The innovative dual-sided wand ensures no lash is left behind, while its eco-friendly design cuts down carbon emissions by 46% and waste by up to 20%.

Snag it for a steal at $7.00 installments with Klarna or Afterpay, and let your lashes do the talking. If you’re after high impact with low environmental impact, this mascara is a must-have in your beauty arsenal.


  1. Better Than Sex Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara


Sephora pulls out all the stops with their Better Than Sex Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara. Not only do you get the whole nine yards with free shipping, same-day delivery, and a handy auto-replenish feature that shaves 5% off the price, but this beauty marvel is also easy on the wallet priced at just $29.00. If you prefer to spread out the cost, you can opt for four simple installments of $7.25.

But the perks don`t stop there. Tailored for the eco-conscious and animal lovers, this mascara is vegan-friendly and steers clear of parabens and cruelty practices. It’s like a little love potion for your lashes, designed to envelop, define, and curl them into voluptuous perfection. Plus, if you`re a contact lens wearer, you`re in luck, this formula is as gentle as it is effective, promising length and dramatic volume without the fuss.

So, for those looking to elevate their lash game while keeping ethics in check, this mascara might just be your perfect match.


  1. MakeWaves Lengthening + Volumizing Mascara


Ride the beauty wave with Sephora`s MakeWaves Lengthening + Volumizing Mascara, crafted to give your lashes the standout volume and length they crave. Choose from rich espresso brown or jet black to perfectly match your tone, enjoying the same fantastic perks like same-day delivery and free shipping that Sephora fans love. 

This beauty standout is not only cruelty-free and paraben-free but also vegan-friendly, and it`s clinched the Allure Best of Beauty award in 2022, with a whopping 172.9K favorites on Sephora`s website.

Priced at an affordable $20.00, this mascara brings a unique twist with its Aquaflex technology, originally from the hair care world. This magic ingredient works wonders by defining curls and keeping them soft, ensuring your lashes stay curled, lifted, and impervious to humidity. The innovative triple wave wand goes the extra mile, with bands designed to lengthen and define each lash for a truly eye-catching effect. Plus, with a non-toxic formula, it’s a dream for sensitive eyes, promising gorgeous lashes without the worry.


  1. Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara


Discover the magic of Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara, available for just $20.00 on the Sephora website, where you can enjoy perks like free shipping, same-day delivery, or opt for auto-replenish and snag a 5% discount. This gem is a shoutout to all Selena Gomez aficionados, as it hails from Rare Beauty, her exclusive line only found at Sephora.

Mascara preferences are as unique as fingerprints, yet this weightless wonder is a true one-size-fits-all solution. Its curvy, multi-length brush is a game-changer, ensuring every lash type finds its match in either lift, length, curl, or volume.

But the goodness doesn`t stop at the brush. The formula itself is something to talk about, enriched with castor oil for that extra nourishment and fully vegan-friendly, free of parabens, and absolutely cruelty-free. Ideal for those marathon days, this mascara promises to keep your lashes volumized and lengthened from dawn till dusk.

  1. Fan Fest Fanning & Volumizing Mascara


Step into the spotlight with the Fan Fest Fanning & Volumizing Mascara, buy it for just $29.00 at Sephora, where the treats include free shipping and same-day delivery. Crafted for those endless days and designed to volumize and gently curl, this mascara is like a feast for your lashes.

Infused with ingredients that are pure lash nourishment, it features provitamin B5 for superior conditioning, cranberry extract for a healthy nourishment boost, and rice wax to aid in lifting and separating each lash for that flawless fan effect. The magic doesn`t end there; its unique full flex fiber brush, with a 40-degree curve, promises an uplifting journey from root to tip, ensuring no lash is left behind.

Embrace the lightness with a formula that feels virtually weightless, guaranteeing no eye fatigue, even on the longest days. Say goodbye to flakes and clumps and hello to effortless, lasting volume and curl with this standout mascara.

Wrapping up our mascara marathon, it’s clear that Sephora is setting the standards with mascaras that promise to take our lash game to unparalleled heights. From sustainability heroes to vegan vanguards, each pick from our list is a declaration of beauty meets conscience. So, whether you`re a Selena Gomez fan, a sustainability advocate, or just in pursuit of the perfect flutter, Sephora has something that’s bound to make your heart (and lashes) skip a beat.

Remember, the best mascara is the one that works for you, lifting, lengthening, and loving your lashes all day long. So go ahead, let your lashes do the talking, and never settle for less than a spectacular blink.


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