What Makes Secretlab TITAN™ Evo Gamer’s Favorite?


If you are looking for a new gaming chair that will last for years and provide maximum comfort throughout its lifetime. This multipurpose chair can be used for work, gaming, and even if you like to nap during breaks


A gaming chair is a gamer’s second home. As a pro gamer, you spend a significant amount of time in the whole day sitting on this one chair indulging in the game. A gaming chair should offer coziness and mobility, providing ample space and flexibility for users to control movement within the digital realm.

Secretlab is on a mission to provide you with the comfiest gaming setup, Be it a gaming chair, a gaming desk, or their add-ons you can rely on the quality and durability of the furniture. Here is what makes their TITAN™ Evo Gaming Chair the best choice

Choose from Three Different Sizes

You can never go wrong with TITAN™ Evo sizes as one chair has three different variants. This gaming chair is made to fit everyone perfectly, no matter their size. It has adjustable lumbar support and ergonomic features based on research, so you can have the best gaming posture. Here are different sizes that you can choose from


Small Size accommodates height of up to 5’6” and weight up to 200lbs

Regular Size fits height of 5’7”-6’2” and weight upto 220lbs

Xl Size suits height of 5’11”- 6’9” and weight 175lbs-395lbs


Cold-Cure Foam For Maximum Comfort

This gaming chair is designed to give you both comfort and support at the same time. It uses a special type of foam called cold-cure foam, which is created by Secretlabs themselves. This foam is medium-firm, which means it`s not too soft or too hard just right for feeling comfortable while also giving you support. The chair is made to distribute your weight evenly and relieve pressure from your body, especially when you`re sitting for a long time gaming. It`s designed to support you well, even during all-night gaming sessions when you need it the most.

Advanced Pebble Seat Base

The seat has a sculpted pebble seat base which means the sides of the seat gently slope towards the middle, guiding you to sit in the center. This design increases the contact area, ensuring a lower and more uniform pressure distribution, which enhances comfort during long gaming sessions. Its edges are flared, giving you even more room to move freely. This means you can shift and adjust your position without feeling confined, all while staying comfortably seated in your gaming chair.

Luxurious Hybrid Leatherette

 TITAN™ Evo Gaming Chair has a new-generation premium leatherette that boasts the same rich luster and luxurious feel as the NAPA leather found in the driver’s seat of your favorite sports car. This advanced material is very durable, and lasts 12 times longer than regular PU leather, making it perfect for daily use. The material`s luxurious softness adds to your overall comfort, creating an inviting and cozy seating experience. Whether you’re gaming, working, or simply relaxing, you’ll appreciate the elegant look and durable nature of this premium leatherette


4 Ways Unmatched Lumbar Support

 This dynamic lumbar support system adapts to you, offering unmatched comfort and support. Our patent-pending design features a proprietary lattice of living hinges that flex to match the natural curve of your spine. This advanced system moves up and down, and in and out, fitting neatly into the curve of your lower back and aligning perfectly with the natural 20-45° curvature of your lumbar lordosis. This is the most advanced lumbar support ever built into a gaming chair, ensuring that your back is supported no matter how long you sit. 


Personalized Ergonomics For Different Modes

Spending hours on a stiff chair can be irritating so this chair comes with three Personalized Ergonomics to cater to your posture needs.

Recline of 165°

With its wide 165° recline, you can lie flat and get complete support for your shoulders, back, and head. Enhanced strain relief during extended gaming sessions is provided by the thoughtfully sculpted side wings.

Lock In and Lean Back

Easily adjust to your preferred gaming position with this robust multi-tilt system, whether you`re sitting upright or reclining. To change the tension level, turn the tilt tension knob. Just lock it in place once you`ve found an angle you like.

New Class 4 hydraulics

Place your feet level with the surface. For the Secretlab TITAN Evo in Small and Regular, we`ve re-engineered our Class 4 hydraulics to be shorter to accommodate even more users, allowing you to adopt the right ergonomic posture whether you`re working or playing a game.


Secretlab TITAN™ Evo is one chair that provides you with different functions, you can use it for gaming, work, or any other desk job. In the gaming industry, Secretlab has become a leader. For individuals wishing to enhance their gaming or work experience, this chair is the perfect choice for you. Get your TITAN™ Evo and stay stress-free with a 5-year extended warranty.


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